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Founding Story

The innovations in communications and media are accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Branded founders Seth Gruen and Jonathan Gluskin recognized this paradigm in late 2018 and launched an agency that prioritizes a newsroom-like pace in order to keep up with the rate of consumption and distribution of information. Gruen is formerly a multimedia journalist who wrote for some of the most notable media brands worldwide and appeared on television and radio networks across the country. Gluskin is an agency lifer who held leadership positions at top national agencies and led account teams that turned startups into multi-billion-dollar unicorns. Drawing upon their dueling experiences in media, communications and marketing, Gruen and Gluskin identified specific areas of practice where, when integrated, combine to drive awareness for each of Branded’s clients.

The Client Service Standard



The exchange of ideas is critical to Branded’s success — the more we talk with our clients, the better.


Becoming a member of our clients’ teams means gaining the institutional knowledge necessary to maximize results.


The needs and objectives of our clients rapidly change, tasking our team with being equally dynamic in its approach.


We stand behind our work product and never hesitate to discuss it with our clients.


our drive


Brand success directly correlates to the number of people who are informed about your company. Our services target, reach and cultivate your target audience and influence the decision-making process by differentiating Branded’s clients from their competition.


Building a business requires continual interaction with your customer base. The Branded team will help your company cultivate an audience, drive participation in your brand’s newest initiatives and create repeat business — all in an effort to sustain recurring revenue which is the foundation for growth.


The digital era has provided marketing with a scoreboard for the first time. These numbers provide an understanding of the value our services lend any brand. And we utilize data and analytics to quantitatively understand how our work product is influencing each client’s growth.


Awareness campaigns do not only showcase the existence of a groundbreaking product or service and brand or business but also solidifies trust between our clients and their target customers. This provides a credibility and validation to all of Branded’s clients, which is fundamental to any business.

the branded approach

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