ShotTracker ShotTracker aims to improve the performance of competitive athletes who participate in team sports at all levels by bringing elite-level analytics to the masses. Their technology includes anchors in the rafters of a basketball facility, player sensors and a ShotTracker-enabled ball, all of which combine to deliver data and analytics to a device in […]

Stadium Live

Stadium Live Stadium Live was founded in 2020 to revolutionize the sports industry by building the digital playground for millions of next-gen sports fans to play, hang out, and express themselves. Its platform is available worldwide on IOS and Android and serves as a one-stop shop for sports fans looking to express themselves in a […]


OptiMine Through OptiMine’s ad measurement and optimization platform, marketers maximize ROI by gaining insight into every ad’s contributions to financial performance, while optimizing ad mix and spend—across digital and traditional marketing and media channels. When optimizing ad spend across multiple channels, OptiMine’s solution consistently proves significant lift in ROI and ROAS across a wide range […]


Opendorse Opendorse is the leading athlete marketplace and NIL technology company. They serve the full lifecycle of supporting athletes: educating, assessing, planning, sharing, creating, measuring, tracking, disclosing, regulating, listing, browsing, booking, and more. Opendorse’s industry-leading NIL solutions help athletes and their supporters understand, build, protect, and monetize their brand value. Challenge When Opendorse engaged Branded, […]

InPlayer (Acquired by JW Player)

InPlayer InPlayer offers push-button software that allows any brand, company, influencer or entertainer toeasily monetize, create and share their OTT content. The company offered social mediainfluencers the opportunity to break away from mainstream social media platforms to develop and own their content in its entirety. Challenge Relatively unknown to the U.S. marketplace, the UK-based startup […]


VirZOOM VirZOOM’s flagship VZfit VR Fitness platform turns any stationary bike into an exciting VR adventure platform in minutes with the addition of sensors and VR exercise applications. VirZOOM’s patented motion controls in the hands of its AAA game development team produce consistently engaging VR experiences combining natural physical exercise and comfortable virtual motion through […]

Proteus Motion

Proteus Motion Founded in 2016, the Proteus system is the world’s leading physical data capture system and the first way to accurately measure strength and power. Proteus is creating a new category of intelligent exercise and rehab equipment with the goal of providing athletes and trainers a more effective way to enhance physical performance. Challenge […]

Kin Insurance

Kin Insurance Kin is a fully-licensed direct-to-consumer insurance company. Because of the company’s technology, it is better positioned to assess the risk of each individual property and provide affordable rates without sacrificing coverage – even in areas most impacted by climate change. Kin helps customers with everything from everyday claims to game-changing catastrophes. Challenge Though […]

NFHS Network

NFHS Network The NFHS Network is the leader in streaming live and on-demand high school sports. The network covers 27 different sports and other activities. Partnered with the National Federation of State High School Associations, 46 high school state athletic/activities associations, and PlayOn! Sports, the NFHS Network is a joint venture created to provide fans […] (Acquired by Algolia), which was acquired by Algolia, offers a search and discovery service with powerful AI engines, including NeuralSearch™, the world’s first instant AI search technology, and reinforcement learning for self-optimizing results. Businesses of all sizes use to build site search and discovery solutions that maximize e-commerce revenue, optimize on-site customer experience, and scale […]