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The New Look Branded

Before you stop reading: don’t worry, this isn’t some cheesy welcome.

Instead, our team wants you all -- our clients, prospective partners and website visitors -- to understand why we chose to rebrand completely heading into 2021. Think of it more as a guided tour of the future of our industry. Because our logo, website and URL were all created with an eye on not only on our agency’s future, but also the changes we anticipate for the marketing industry as a whole.

TheBranded.Agency imbues a modernity that mirrors the ecosystem of services our agency offers. In all of our agency’s service areas, we emphasize the need for adoption of tactics that cater to the fast-paced manner at which information is consumed and distributed. Maintaining pace with technological advances in media is critical to the success of our agency and clients.

At one point, information was distributed through either newspapers, radio or television. Now, they are but a small slice of the pie. There are podcasts, streaming video, digital media, social media. And even these segments of media are advancing. Remember when Facebook was the only form of social media? Now we have Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and more.

Public relations, content marketing, digital marketing and branding can all benefit our agency’s clients as standalone services. But these services are also complimentary of one another, able to turn unknown brands into industry juggernauts.

And this modern feel is intended to emphasize to all of you that we are constantly innovating at Branded. That innovation touches each and every client team. We’re constantly raising expectations internally so that our services continue to spark growth for each and every one of our clients. We also innovate in the services we offer.

Our agency can now produce videos and podcasts and infographics. We can activate events -- both physical and virtual -- and produce critical marketing collateral for event attendees. Our social media services have grown to now offer more in-depth reporting and analysis of campaigns, better advising our clients and their teams at Branded on the performance of different initiatives.

Perhaps, though, there’s no more important element of our new website than the news and information source you’re visiting right now, our blog, Amplify. Consider it a source of information on our agency, services and industry.

Amplify is a place you can return to for industry tips, information and daily reaction. Feel free to share the contents on your social channels and discuss what we at Branded feel is an exciting future for our industry.

Peruse our site, get to know our company and get in touch with us! It would be great to discuss your company, role and how our team might be able to support your efforts.

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