Keys To Drafting An RFP

Frequently prospective Branded clients will draft a “request for proposal” or “RFP,” the industry acronym for the document. A company typically identifies multiple agencies, sends them these RFPs and evaluates them based on their responses. The idea behind the RFP is to give an agency, like Branded, an idea as to what the drafting company […]

The Power Of Earned Media

Regarding the growth of a company, there’s a saying in business familiar to many: “If you can’t build it, buy it.” Though advisory in nature, the saying comes with a nuanced implication: buying a business is a lot easier than building one.  The same can be said for marketing tactics. When a business’ needs for awareness […]

Working The News Cycle To Your Advantage

A company cannot always be at the forefront of the news cycle. Even the biggest companies in the world don’t earn daily headlines, though some are closely followed. The goal of every company should be to remain at the forefront of the news cycle. Any successful communications strategy not only takes that into account but […]