Opinions Matter

Clients value Branded’s diversity of opinion. Our team features a unique mix of backgrounds, experiences and ideas. Those differences are what make Branded a creative agency. Creativity is the byproduct of multiple ideas. And that creativity is at the epicenter of every campaign. Our team brings ideas to clients not previously conceptualized and quickly turns them into content that builds brands.


Crisis & Risk Management

Brand safety is critical to the solvency and growth of any company. And it’s something that should be nurtured every day. At Branded, our team doesn’t believe in waiting for a crisis. Instead our media strategists proactively work to develop a set of measures that protects the images of our clients. We further identify, plan and execute on opportunities for Branded’s clients to engage in corporate and social responsibility — opportunities that allow our them to continually build trust with their audiences.

In times of crisis, our team engages in digitally-driven strategies that require assessing various lines of communication — all leveraged to reestablish trust with key demographics.

Performance Marketing

Instead of working through a laundry list of paid media options, Branded brings a blank canvas to every performance marketing campaign. It’s critical to outline a customized paid media strategy for every client that identifies the channels most representative of their target audiences. Equally as important is that strategy be fluid.

On a daily basis, we’re examining the analytics of any paid media campaign — social media, pay per click, paid search or traditional ad buys — and undertaking an agile approach to performance marketing. When a campaign isn’t working, we abandon the spend. And if we notice a campaign performing well, we double down.

Organic Social Media

Branded is in the business of building and interacting with audiences. Social media channels are an opportunity to captivate those audiences. Followers of a company’s social channels represent its most engaged customers, underscoring the importance of leveraging these digital properties and followers by developing campaigns that grow their relationship with your brand. Simultaneously these campaigns must grow that follower base so that social channels continue to increase in value.

Our agency provides end-to-end services across all social channels powering creative that includes digital media design, video and audio production and editorial. Branded’s social strategy includes outlining optimal posting times, executing community engagement and providing reporting and analytics.

Public Relations

The digitization of news organizations, advent of social media and ubiquity of smartphones have accelerated the news cycle. Stories that once enjoyed days in the spotlight now see only hours as headline news. With the ability to share information instantaneously via digital channels, journalists can quickly catch up to one another on a breaking news story. Journalists are now under more pressure to continually add to their reporting and develop more content across multiple platforms.

Branded’s answer is to take a modern, newsroom-like approach to each of our public relations campaigns. We’ve done away with the antiquated, methodical processes many agencies still employ. Successful media relations campaigns at Branded rely upon speed, efficiency and editorial knowhow.

Brand Journalism

The digitization of journalism democratized the industry. New media brands emerge daily via websites, social media and podcast platforms. It’s never been easier to start a media organization or more difficult to stand out. We believe Branded’s clients should view their digital properties journalistically. Working with our in-house journalists, who are published at the highest levels of American journalism, we look to brand clients as the preeminent experts in their fields. Our clients’ digital channels should provide a value-add to the company, helping to grow customer bases and brand engagement. Our team can produce blog content, whitepapers, viral videos, podcasts, infographics and any other form of digital media.

Analyst Relations

Relationships with analysts are high leverage. They influence key decision makers and ensure your products are top of mind. Analyst relations help companies be seen within their industries and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Branded will set up briefings with analysts, prepare your spokespeople and product marketers by outlining strategy and monitor reports for inclusion of your company.

Creative & Design

Words on a page represent only part of a brand’s story. A dynamic marketing mix considers what a brand exudes visually. Brand visuals are responsible for making a first impression with potential customers and partners.

Branded’s creative team works with myriad businesses to tell their stories visually. Our agency can create any type of marketing collateral that can be utilized across digital properties, at trade shows or in investor decks.

C-Suite Content

Investors don’t allocate capital simply because they like a company, its ideas, products or services. They’re investing in the people behind of all of it. Which makes it’s critically important for company leadership to build a brand across digital channels.

Branded’s team of editorial and digital strategists work to develop content for C-level executives’ LinkedIn channels and thought leadership pieces that showcase the directions they intend to take their companies. This cultivates audiences of investors and key decision makers, adds value to their companies, and exhibits growth potential.

Speaking & Awards

Recognition through awards and speaking opportunities within industry channels help elevate a brand within the consciousness of decision makers and industry professionals. Speaking in front of an audience of industry professionals or winning a key award own multi-faceted benefits. They drive awareness for your business, establish credibility, result in deals and aid in recruitment and growth.

Branded owns extensive relationships with judges, decision-makers and trade show organizers, providing our agency insight on the key tenants of various speaking and award applications.


Whether a nascent startup looking to identify the right look and feel for your business or an advanced-stage company needing a refresh, Branded powers the entirety of any brand-oriented project.

Our agency has helped clients deploy brand concepts, designed logos, created brand books and guidelines and developed communications plans.



The digital era spawned unprecedented growth for the sports industry. Social media, streaming television, player branding and league expansion all have contributed to billions of dollars in year-over-year growth. All of which has crowded the space with new business concepts, ideas and partnerships and made it difficult for brands to stand out.

Branded helps these companies get noticed. We have extensive relationships with influential media, investors and sports business executives. Our agency works with some of the industry’s biggest brands and has experience facilitating partnerships with leagues like the NBA, MLB, NHL and PGA Tour among others.

Suggested Case Studies

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is growing faster than any technology in history. That is causing both excitement and fear around the technology’s future. And it’s important for any AI brand to understand that dynamic. Any communications or marketing campaign requires carefully cultivated messaging that ensures these brands showcase the additive nature of their AI-powered technologies, quashing fears it will replace or eliminate jobs.

Working with myriad AI companies, our team successfully navigates this dynamic daily. Branded generates awareness for these brands and builds trust amongst audiences in the leadership of these companies.

Suggested Case Studies

Extended Reality

Some of the biggest technology brands are betting mixed reality will be the next platform economy. Whether it’s the development of headsets, a platform shift in gaming or the selling of real estate in the metaverse, billions of dollars are flowing into the space.

What was once considered a new framework for gaming is now being reimagined by almost every consumer industry globally. An opportunity exists to pioneer this technology.

Suggested Case Studies

Retail & E-Commerce

Consumers now have access to all products, anytime, anywhere. The barriers to entry in the retail space were smashed by the emergence of e-commerce channels. It’s created an opportunity for creators — retail brands emerge daily. They’re able to leverage e-commerce channels to develop a direct line to consumers. But what comes next?

Building a brand marks the infancy of a retail company, but the majority of its existence is focused on its staying power. New brands represent an existential threat to those older. So it’s important that both retail and e-commerce businesses continue to refine and refresh their stories.

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The fragmentation of media offers endless channels for marketers to leverage, placing measurement and distribution at the forefront of the industry. Marketing departments across multiple fields seek outside consultation and technologies to help facilitate decision making related to measurement and distribution channels.

Branding an expertise is essential in this space. It helps to educate marketing departments regarding the value proposition of your company.

Suggested Case Studies

Human Resources

Prior to the pandemic, work was linear. There was little, if any, deviation from the norm. The idea of remote work wasn’t discussed and supportive technologies were in their infancy. But in the years since work became multi-dimensional.

Myriad in-office and remote work policies made the idea of workforce management much more dynamic. Recruiting, benefits, compensation, technology and hiring changed the way human resources executives went about their jobs. This left opportunity for experts and technologies to align with in-house human resources executives to develop strategies specific to the needs of individual businesses, spawning an industry that has seen tremendous growth recently.

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The relationship between brands and consumers runs deep. The idea of purchasing a product simply for its utility is too simplistic in an era of corporate responsibility. Consumers want to relate to brands.

Branded has worked with myriad lifestyle brands to develop messaging that goes beyond the quality of their products. We’ve worked with companies to determine how they want to go about building connections with consumers.

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Branded works extensively in the finance space on both the business-to-business and direct-to-consumer sides of the industry. Our work spans consumer banking, investment banking, accounting, consumer applications, investment funds and consumer credit.

Our agency understands the regulatory environment which positions us to advise clients on messaging and marketing strategy.

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Health & Fitness

The digitization of the health and fitness space extends far beyond connected fitness applications. Companies have leveraged myriad technologies across telecommunications, artificial intelligence and marketing to develop both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer offerings.

Branded’s experience includes clients in the hardware, application and biomechanics spaces. Our work continually generates user growth and partnerships for these companies. Partnerships with professional sports leagues and teams, major university athletics programs and leading fitness brands have been the result of Branded’s work.

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Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry offers endless options to consume content. And the number of devices consumers can use to access media brands grows annually. All of which means there’s a parallel opportunity for Branded clients in this sector to grow their brands.

At Branded, we understand the media companies that work with our agency are competing for time, all the time. That necessitates crisp messaging strategy that builds brand and keeps these clients top of mind.

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Trust is an invaluable currency in the SaaS space. Businesses and consumers alike are storing sensitive information in the cloud and need reassurance that SaaS companies are good stewards of that data. Additionally, these companies are relied upon to increase efficiency over a wide variety of consumer- and business-driven tasks and customers must trust the stability of these softwares.

With our agency’s SaaS clients, Branded chiefly aims to build trust with their respective audiences by developing a recurring digital presence for these companies. That helps to build a transparent and open relationship with audiences.

Suggested Case Studies

Consumer Technology

The consumer technology space is immense with categories and sub-categories that seem to grow each year at the Consumer Electronics Show. Though the category showcases innumerable devices with different capabilities, in a sense, they’re all competing with one another.

Robotic vacuums and video game consoles may seem unrelated but like every other consumer technology device, both compete for household budget. That necessitates that each product not only leverage marketing to drive awareness but also to stand out in a crowded space. That helps Branded clients justify the expense of their products to consumers.

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