By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, BriefCam transforms video into valuable insights for rapid video review and search, as well as patented VIDEO SYNOPSIS® technology; real-time alerting; and quantitative video insights. BriefCam is a Canon (CAJFF) portfolio company.


Because government agencies and law enforcement bodies represent a percentage of BriefCam’s customer base, the company is broadly unable to discuss the nature of these relationships. But BriefCam needed to drive awareness within key verticals in order to grow and establish lines of business in these industries. They tapped Branded for our agency’s reputed ability to develop communications strategy without discussing customer relationships.


Branded developed a messaging strategy to broadly guide the company across its communications efforts – taking into account the sensitivities amongst its customer base. The account team identified thought leadership opportunities and product announcements to drive awareness amongst potential customers across a number of industry verticals.

lizzi goldmeier, director of marketing

“It has been a pleasure working with the team at Branded throughout our engagement. Our dedicated team has been extremely professional, creative, and responsive, helping advance our media and brand initiatives and objectives and providing critical expertise to our marketing team. Guided by Branded, we successfully executed multiple press releases, thought leadership campaigns, and media engagements that helped captivate the attention of our diverse target audiences, increase awareness of our brand, and position our management as market-leading experts in relevant industry trades as well as top-tier media. In short, I cannot recommend Branded highly enough as an excellent partner for organizations seeking support on thought leadership, media relations, and corporate communications.”


The account team secured coverage across a number of different industry-specific audiences in places like VentureBeat, Sports Business Journal, Security Magazine, eCampus News and Federal News Network. These media placements helped ignite conversations with large sports venues, universities and brick-and-mortar retailers.



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