Caliber is a science-based fitness coaching program that helps you build muscle and lose weight with measurable results every step of the way. The app achieves these goals through a unique combination of data-driven fitness and nutrition programming, one-on-one video coaching, and lifestyle optimizations tailored to you. The average Caliber member achieves at least a 20 percent improvement to their body composition within three months.


Though the company enjoyed organic growth unprecedented in the health and fitness category, the Caliber team wanted to double down on that success by activating a press campaign. The aim was to build brand equity by earning mass coverage for Caliber in the most widely read fitness, consumer and technology publications.


Caliber CEO Jared Cluff formerly served as the CMO of Blue Apron, part of the C-suite team that took the company public. The Caliber account team leveraged his background to build out a narrative that aimed to secure stories highlighting the company’s growth and thought leaders.

jared cluff, co-founder & ceo

“I’ve worked with at least 15 different PR firms over the course of my career, including some of the biggest and best known names in the business. Working with Branded has been among my best experiences to date. The Branded team is laser-focused on delivering results, and over the course of our engagement has delivered an abundance of high quality media wins that have helped us grow the Caliber brand. I highly recommend this team.”


The account team secured company features in Muscle & Fitness and Tom’s Guide, the latter allowing Caliber to forgo a paid opportunity with the publication in favor of the feature secured by Branded. Additionally, thought leaders were prominently covered in places like CNET, Newsweek, Bloomberg and Well + Good.







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increased user growth over the course of the campaign