PeopleCaddie is a talent cloud featuring highly-skilled contractors who can be quickly hired and deployed with companies across the finance, hospitality, human resources, legal services and healthcare industries in addition to other sectors. PeopleCaddie addresses acute needs for talent by allowing customers to access the company’s talent cloud and shop for talent much like any 
e-commerce platform.


With the pandemic drastically changing the workforce dynamic, PeopleCaddie enjoyed an increase in demand for its platform. The uncertain economic outlook made contingent labor more palatable for companies unclear on revenue projections and saw benefit in the flexibility contract work allows. The company partnered with Branded to drive brand awareness and educate hiring managers on the benefits of contingent labor.


As a marketplace for talent, PeopleCaddie required its marketing efforts generate interest amongst employers and potential contractors. The former represented demand for PeopleCaddie’s platform and the latter, the supply. Branded identified thought leadership concepts that pulled through both public relations and brand journalism activities. Branded also created whitepapers that generated interest among industry-specific audiences of employers.

Tim Rowley, CTO/COO

“From Day 1 – although we were a small company, Branded did not treat us like a small account. They provided a dedicated account team that has assisted us in getting favorable coverage from well-respected media outlets. They’ve also worked hand-in-hand with us to develop thoughtful and compelling content. We view them as an extension of the PeopleCaddie team.”


Branded’s media relations team earned PeopleCaddie coverage in outlets like the New York Times, CNBC, Fortune, Yahoo! Finance and the Los Angeles Times. Our creative teams crafted consistent blog content that led to a month-over-month increase in website traffic of the PeopleCaddie website. Whitepapers, promoted on LinkedIn, were credited with generating new leads for the company.



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