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The Prevent instrumented mouthguard system brings to market what others have struggled to deliver: accurate measurement, real-time communication and an integrated suite of hardware and software components to make head impact monitoring powerful and user friendly for all parties. Because a player’s health can be affected by head impacts suffered on the field, Prevent believes the data and underlying science must be exceptionally sound.


Operating in a space with a number of competitors, Prevent sought to not only earn brand awareness within the sports industry but also build the narrative that its instrumented mouthguard provides more accurate, reliable data. The company needed an agency with a reputation of success in the sports and health and fitness spaces.


Understanding that Prevent targets a very niche audience of decision makers, we recognized that the account team needed to take a multi-channel approach to pushing the company narrative. The marketing mix included a public relations strategy that would earn the company coverage in key sports industry publications and Branded’s organic social media service – used to develop a dedicated and engaged audience for Prevent’s company LinkedIn page.

mike shogren, CEO

“Branded should be the go-to agency for any sports tech startup. Their knowledge of the landscape is unparalleled and the staff is well-connected in the space. Prevent Biometrics’ partnership with Branded has contributed to the growth in market awareness for our brand.”


The Branded account team secured coverage in Sports Illustrated for the research the company enabled for a study of high school football players at Indiana University and in Politico for work Prevent is doing with the United States Department of Defense and the study of head impacts among paratroopers. Additionally, the social team grew Prevent’s LinkedIn channel in all relevant metrics.



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