, which was acquired by Algolia, offers a search and discovery service with powerful AI engines, including NeuralSearch™, the world’s first instant AI search technology, and reinforcement learning for self-optimizing results. Businesses of all sizes use to build site search and discovery solutions that maximize e-commerce revenue, optimize on-site customer experience, and scale their online presence.


Founded in Australia, had little brand awareness in the United States when the company first engaged Branded. sought the validation of American business publications in underscoring the value of the company’s one-of-a-kind technology and wanted to generate awareness within the tech and investor communities.


Branded developed a thought leadership strategy that sought to develop coverage around multiple executives on the team. Our agency inserted into the most widely covered stories in artificial intelligence, marketing and technology, earning coverage in industry trades and business and technology publications.

Jon Silvers, Head of Marketing

“Branded’s thought leadership strategy earned coverage across the United States and within key global publications that drove credibility of our brand. Prior to working with the Branded team, was a relative unknown but thereafter was associated with the most widely-read stories across the retail and e-commerce industries. A year of that coverage led to widespread interest by customers and investors, and ultimately impacted larger business objectives.”

Results saw impactful coverage in the immediate weeks of signing with Branded, earning executive thought leadership in places like Computerworld, Built In, VentureBeat, SiliconANGLE and the International Business Times.



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