Sheets & Giggles has shipped nearly 200,000 units of its sustainable bedding in its first four years of operation. A graduate of Techstars Boulder 2019, S&G has become a mainstay in the bedding industry with its plant-based, naturally cooling mattresses, sheets, and pillows. Versus cotton, S&G’s Eucalyptus Lyocell fabric uses up to 96% less water, 30% less energy, and infinity% less insecticides.


Though Sheets & Giggles had an industry-disrupting product, the company needed to generate brand awareness in a crowded space. Understanding that competing in the space required that Sheets & Giggles be included alongside legacy brands in product roundups, reviews and key publications, the company identified Branded to execute a public relations campaign that focused on earning a high volume of coverage.


Building a media campaign around a lifestyle brand does not simply begin and end with offering free products to journalists. Earning the type of coverage the Sheets & Giggles team expected Branded to deliver required building narratives around the products’ key differentiators and mixing thought leadership into a campaign that helped build brand equity for the company.

Colin McIntosh, CEO & Founder

“Working with Branded elevated Sheets & Giggles to the national consciousness. We received press in major media outlets that we would normally have no access to and we were reviewed by writers and other members of the press that shared our story with our audience. Our brand is in a much better place and much more widely known thanks to Branded’s work.”


The account team had success around each of the outreach strategies. It secured a feature for the company on the “Today Show” and reviews in influential publications like Southern Living, Elite Daily and BuzzFeed. Additionally, in support of future fundraising efforts, a thought leadership campaign was built around the Sheets & Giggles CEO, securing business-oriented thought leadership with outlets like Inc. and CBS Moneywatch.







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