ShotTracker aims to improve the performance of competitive athletes who participate in team sports at all levels by bringing elite-level analytics to the masses. Their technology includes anchors in the rafters of a basketball facility, player sensors and a ShotTracker-enabled ball, all of which combine to deliver data and analytics to a device in sub-second latency.


After failing with several agencies prior to working with Branded, ShotTracker approached our agency on the precipice of a company milestone. ShotTracker was on the verge of signing the Mountain West Conference – the company’s first conference-wide deal – and needed widespread coverage of the deal to replicate it with other leagues.


Recognizing that success hinged upon our agency’s ability to secure coverage for ShotTracker with the biggest sports and news outlets in the world, we searched through our proprietary database of sportswriters to identify those most interested in the ShotTracker story. Also, in an attempt to extend the news cycle around the company, we built a thought leadership strategy around ShotTracker Co-Founder & President Davyeon Ross.


“As a sports technology solution, it was critical that ShotTracker get covered by the biggest media outlets in sports and business. After sub-par performances from other agency partners, we turned to Branded because of their sports industry knowhow and relationships. Branded guaranteed they could elevate our media presence. Within a week they had ShotTracker on the front page of And thereafter coverage from other major sports and business publications. Branded is now my go-to agency.”


The ShotTracker account team landed news related to the company’s deal with the Mountain West on the front page of and earned coverage for the announcement with more than a dozen other sports reporters. Thereafter the ShotTracker business story was covered by MarketWatch, part of the Wall Street Journal network of publications, CNBC and others.



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