VirZOOM’s flagship VZfit VR Fitness platform turns any stationary bike into an exciting VR adventure platform in minutes with the addition of sensors and VR exercise applications. VirZOOM’s patented motion controls in the hands of its AAA game development team produce consistently engaging VR experiences combining natural physical exercise and comfortable virtual motion through large worlds.


Much like other companies in the extended reality space, VirZOOM found it difficult to generate mainstream interest for its products. The company additionally wanted to develop more brand awareness amongst enthusiasts of virtual reality. Broadly, VirZOOM needed media coverage to help drive sales.


Branded developed an editorial strategy that positioned VirZOOM and its products as an alternative for those who were motivated to workout, but felt uncomfortable doing so at a health club or gym. In parallel, the account team pushed the narrative that the gamification of physical activity motivated those who otherwise find physical activity boring.


“At the time we engaged with Branded, virtual reality was still a niche marketplace and we needed an agency that could rise to the challenge. We quickly found out that the Branded team can score press at will — plain and simple. They not only were able to drive awareness to our target demographic by earning VirZOOM coverage with key reporters in our industry but also broke through to top-tier mainstream reporters at some of the most notable publications nationally.”


Highlights of VirZOOM coverage included a front page story in the Washington Post, an NBC News (national) feature and a review in BuzzFeed. These press opportunities helped drive new users to the platform and increase conversions amongst consumers actively considering using the platform.



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